GPS Tracked Distribution

We do it with intelligence, vision and a mission! We believe in doing things in a manner that will provide the absolute best possible result for our clients! The end result should always be INCREASED SALES!

We perform your distribution directly where you want your customers! Our top quality trained staff of distributors are monitored via GPS tracking LIVE. That is REAL TIME! You will be able to view your flyer distribution en route to the homes and hands of the customers you seek!

Distribution to Homes & Apartments.

Distribution at Private & Public Events.

Distribution on Streets.

Distribution at Swap Meets/Flea Markets.

High Impact Distribution.

We have an innovative, effective approach to distribution!.

Our Triple Play of marketing includes Visual, Audio and Print!
1.- Visual Impact - Banner, Uniform, you slogan , logos, promotion, committed to mind
2.- Print Impact - Printed media is taken by your prospective customer!
3.- Audio Impact – Customer hears your recorded spot, through our integrated back pack display